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Simple coffee industry recruitment

The easy, cost-effective solution for coffee organisations managing regular recruitment

Perfect for coffee businesses with a regular recruitment requirement


Post unlimited jobs on United Baristas Jobs

Job Vacancy Marketing is included

All your jobs automatically benefit from job vacancy marketing.

Easier applicant management

Collect and manage all applications in your account: know who has applied, rejected, interviewed, offered a position and accepted with integrated tools. Or opt for applicants to apply using your website or jobs portal.

Simple pricing

Opt for a monthly or annual fee. No further need to borrow a company card or get approval from finance every time to want to list a job.

Puts you in control

Control everything from your Dashboard:

• Manage jobs
• Manage applicants
• Download invoices
• Update your card payment details
• Cancel at any time

Pay monthly or annually

Add to your account

Add either monthly or annual Employer Kit to your account now – and post your first job another day.

Post a job

Post your first job now. Just choose monthly or annual Employer Kit during the listing process.