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About United Baristas Jobs

Coffee jobs, for coffee people

United Baristas Jobs is the leading coffee jobs board from United Baristas

Better coffee jobs

United Baristas Jobs takes the best bit of Careers, and makes them even better

The new design integrates job function, location and other information making it easier to identify coffee jobs.

Improvements to Alerts

Updates to alerts makes it easier to stay up-to-date with new jobs that are right for you. 

New applications

Easily and quickly apply for jobs using the new application process to better present your skills and personality to employers.

Data driven

Employers can increase their job listing quality using data to understand how many times your job has been viewed, bookmarked and (when using the new application process) total applications.

A stronger coffee focus

Coffee jobs, for coffee people

Coffee industry specialists

United Baristas Jobs better connects coffee people with coffee jobs because we are at the heart of the coffee community – and only focus on coffee jobs.

Cost effective options

United Baristas Jobs understands coffee companies’ recruitment requirements and has easy-to-use, cost-effective job listings to help them attract the best talent.

Easy to use

United Baristas Jobs is easier for employers and job seekers to use because our service is solely focused on coffee jobs.

More connected

United Baristas Jobs connects like never before


United Baristas wants coffee people to enjoy their work and achieve their goals. United Baristas Jobs better connects job seekers with employers by helping them communicate their culture, values and personality, as well as skills.


United Baristas is at the heart of the coffee community in our work to better connect the coffee industry.


Benefit from being part of a larger network so that your vacancy is communicated to the broadest audience – both inside and outside the coffee community.

Using United Baristas Jobs

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